Find your fave❤️

TASTES LIKE: LOVE on Valentine's Day (loving yourself counts too ❤️❤️)
TASTES LIKE: Fruity fizz that'll leave you feeling fresh tomorrow🍹
TASTES LIKE: Dry(ish) Jan gave you lemons and you've made lemonade 🍋
TASTES LIKE: Your mimosas had a VIP upgrade! 🥂

TASTES LIKE:Drinks are freeeee 🎵🎵🎵 (we wish)

TASTES LIKE: Every cold day is one step closer to summer bbz ❄️

TASTES LIKE: An ice cream float🍦

TASTES LIKE:Sweet strawberry sherbet nostalgia🍓

TASTES LIKE: This milkshake brings all your gals to the yard...🎵🎵🎵

TASTES LIKE:Citrus, spice and all things nice!

TASTES LIKE:Vodka lemonade, but fancy 🍋

TASTES LIKE:Your fave caramel latte 

TASTES LIKE: The first ever season of Love Island 🏝️

TASTES LIKE:Watermelon, sugar...🍉

TASTES LIKE: The good kind of holiday blues 🍍

TASTES LIKE: Your new go-to summer cocktail🍹

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