Glen's Fruity Fizz

Break from tradition and upgrade your New Year bubbles with this fruity fizz cocktail.


Ice, 50ml Glen's Vodka, 75ml orange juice, 50ml cranberry juice, dash of Prosecco, orange slice (garnish).

Make it

Start by filling a cocktail glass with ice cubes then pour in Glen's Vodka. Follow it up with orange juice and cranberry juice. Give it a gentle stir to blend the flavours together then top with Prosecco until your glass is nearly full. Give it a quick taste to make sure it's just right then stick a slice of orange on the side. Cheers!

TASTES LIKE: LOVE on Valentine's Day (loving yourself counts too ❤️❤️)
TASTES LIKE: Fruity fizz that'll leave you feeling fresh tomorrow🍹
TASTES LIKE: Dry(ish) Jan gave you lemons and you've made lemonade 🍋

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