Glen's Club Tropicana

We can’t promise the drinks will be free, but jokes aside, we can promise your pres will be pretty epic if Glen’s Club Tropicana is on the guest list.


Ice, 35ml Glen’s Vodka, lemonade, 15ml lemon juice, 15ml raspberry or passionfruit liqueur, raspberries and WHAM bar (garnish).

Make it

[Soundtrack: Wham! Club Tropicana] Add a few ice cubes to a tall glass, then add your Glen’s Vodka, lemonade, a good squeeze of fresh lemon, and raspberry or passionfruit liqueur. Give it a stir, then pop a couple of raspberries and an iconic WHAM bar on top. Sing it with us…

TASTES LIKE: LOVE on Valentine's Day (loving yourself counts too ❤️❤️)
TASTES LIKE: Fruity fizz that'll leave you feeling fresh tomorrow🍹
TASTES LIKE: Dry(ish) Jan gave you lemons and you've made lemonade 🍋

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