Glen's Dip Dab Daiquiri

Ready for a sprinkling of sweet nostalgia? This is literally the best strawb daiq you’ll ever try – and it even comes with a lolly!


Ice, 50ml Glen’s Vodka, 150g fresh or frozen strawberries, 30ml lime juice, 30ml cranberry juice, 1-2 tsp sugar, dip dab (garnish).

Make it

Dig out the nutribullet and blend the ice, Glen’s Vodka, strawberries, lime juice, cranberry juice and a sprinkling of sugar to your taste. Grab a margarita (or big wine) glass, rim the edge of the glass with a lime wedge and dunk it in the sherbet. Pour your slush mix into the glass and stick a lolly – and maybe a strawb – on top. dip dab, lookin’ fab!

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