Glen's Watermelon

Looking for some wow factor this weekend? Look no further. Best served with Harry Styles.


Watermelon, 50ml Glen’s Vodka, 15ml sugar syrup, juice of half a lime, watermelon slice (garnish).

Make it

Whizz up your chilled watermelon, then add Glen’s Vodka, sugar syrup and a good squeeze of fresh lime. Pour it into a short glass, then if you want to be a bit extra, stick a slice of watermelon on the side. Yass queen.

TASTES LIKE: LOVE on Valentine's Day (loving yourself counts too ❤️❤️)
TASTES LIKE: Fruity fizz that'll leave you feeling fresh tomorrow🍹
TASTES LIKE: Dry(ish) Jan gave you lemons and you've made lemonade 🍋

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